Ah! Interested in a commission, are we?

To contact me, you can:

A) Email me at SmellsLikeWargaming@hotmail.com

B) Leave a comment on the blog! I love getting comments and won't hesitate to respond!

C) Contact me through Facebook (Facebook.com/SmellsLikeWargaming), Twitter (@SLWargaming), or Instagram (SmellsLikeWargaming).


Why get your models painted by Smells Like Wargaming? Because, along with a long list of clients and projects, both national and international, I have also won many awards for my miniatures! These include gaming pieces and models done with the purpose of display!
  • Genghis Con 2013; 2nd Place, Single Miniature Large: Giant Chaos Spawn
  • Genghis Con 2014; 2nd Place, Single Miniature Large; Helbrute 'Laernae'
  • Genghis Con 2014; 3rd Place, Single Miniature Small; 'Serenity'
  • Genghis Con 2014; 3rd Place, Unit: 'The Faithless'
  • Genghis Con 2014; 3rd Place, Vehicle: 'Dominator'
  • Games Workshop Square One Denver, Armies on Parade, 1st Place
  • Genghis Con 2015: 1st Place, Vehicle: House Hawkshroud Knight Titan
  • Genghis Con 2015: 1st Place, Unit: Hammer of Dorn
  • Genghis Con 2015: 3rd Place, Vehicle: Blight Drone of Nurgle
  • Genghis Con 2015: 2nd Runner up Best in Show, House Hawkshroud Knight Titan
2014 Winners can be found HERE! 

My Current Rates

For all paintjobs, pricing for paints becomes a key thing. I will email you a quote on the planned paints for the project, and the pricing will be included. This will vary, depending on unit sizes, amount of figures, etc.

ASSEMBLY (These are for commissions including painting. Assembly-only commission pricings may vary)
  • Infantry Models (25mm base): $1 per
  • Elites (40 mm base) $2 (depends on complexity)
  • Infantry/Vehicle Walkers (Crisis Suits, Dreadnoughts, etc.) $10
  • Small Vehicles/ Plastic Monsterous Creatures (Land Speeders, Necron Barges, Carnifex, etc.) $15
  • Large Vehicles and Pewter Monstrous Creatures(Chimeras, Land Raiders, Hive Tyrant, Avatar) $20
  • Magnetizing Models: Varies upon project, but usually runs the cost of the Magnets+Labor
PAINTING (General Estimates, Please email for personalized quote):
Please note: These prices are general estimates for a project. Pricing may vary from project to project, so the best way to get a concise quote is to drop me an email!

Citadel, Privateer Press, and Similar Figures
  • Unit Add-ons (Tau Drones, Powder Monkeys, Unit Markers) $4
  • Swarm Units (Necron Scarabs, Jungle Swarms): $6 per base
  • Infantry Units (Your Standard Grunt figures) $8 per model
  • Elite Units (Ogryns, Terminators, Rat Ogres) $15 per model
  • Cavalry and Bikes (Bretonnian Knights, Skeleton Cavalry, Bikes and Jetbikes) $15
  • Weapons Teams (IG Heavy Weapons Teams, Eldar Weapons Platforms, etc.) $20 per Team
  • Infantry Walkers (Crisis and Broadside Teams) $25
  • Vehicle Walkers and Warjacks (Khador, Retribution, Dreadnoughts, Sentinels, etc.) $40
  • Standard Tanks and Character Mounts (Your Standard Army Transports and Armour, Barges, Palanquins, Chariots, etc.): $45
  • Large Tanks (Larger, stronger Transports and Large Armour Tanks) : $60
  • Centerpiece model/Character/Large Monster: $80
  • Plastic Super-Heavy Vehicles (Baneblade, Stompa, Imperial Knights, Lord of Skulls, etc.) $150
  • Plastic Terrain (Bastions, CoD, Aegis) Email for quote, it honestly depends on the size of the piece! 
  • Resin Super-Heavy Vehicles (Titans, Flyers, and other Resin beasts) Email for quote, but I'd love to do a titan or two!
Wyrd Miniatures (Malifaux, Puppet Wars, etc.)
  • Puppet Wars Figures: $10 
  • 30mm Models: $25
  • 40mm Models: $35
  • 50mm Models: $45
  • Centerpiece and Crew Leaders: $60
These prices all include standard basing, and more conversion work runs a little bit more. I can also do effects like direct source lighting, non-metallic metal, etc., but will run a little bit more costwise, so if interested, email me your project ideas and I'll be able to provide a cost.


Being a fairly new and growing commission painting business, I'm still trying to get the shipping down 100%. I use USPS standard shipping for commissions unless specified. Most models will be wrapped in Bubblewrap and foam trays, if possible. Its the safest and most secure way of shipping models. If you have foam for your models, please send it with the figures. Shipping will generally be added up after the commission is finished, but before the project is paid for. Shipping for armies hover between $10 and $30, generally, so please keep this in mind.


Here's a couple picture of my previous jobs:

Part of my personal Alpha Legion Army

Nemesor Zahndrekh, painted and sold on eBay

Legio Metalica/House Raven Titan Commission, completed May 2014

Legio Ursas Alaska Themed Warhound Titan, completed June 2014

Commissions for Clients
(Check out this portfolio!)


Imperial Armies
Magilla Gurilla's Grey Knights (Green Knights) Army

James' Blood Angels

Eric's Refurbished Dark Angels Rhino

Cliff's Salamanders HQ

Cliff's Salamanders Dreadnought Bray'arth Ashmantle

Tony's Space Wolves Land Raider

Michael's Grey Knights/ Salamanders


Brandon's Space Wolves


Olivier's Imperial Fists

Sam's Ultramarines Land Raider

Devrim's Black Templars Forge World Boarding Marines

Neil's Grey Knight Henchmen Army

Kurt's Space Wolves

George's Apocalypse Armageddon Steel Legion Infantry Corps

Prizes for the Independent Characters Podcast

Gabe's Inquisitor Karazmov

Donny's Imperial Fists Army

Blood Angels Characters Group

Vulture Gunship

Salamanders Drop Pods

The Ruinous Powers
Simon's Chaos Daemons:

Terrence's Thousand Sons Warband:

Tom's (Monster Rain) Adepticon Word Bearers and 24 kt Necrons


Mike's Orange Crush CSM

Sam's Khornate Land Raidersr

Jason's Word Bearers Army Additions

Dark Eldar
Dark Eldar Grotesques-from Rat Ogres commission

Chris' Dark Eldar Wyches and Pain Tokens

Mike's Biel-tan Eldar

Craftworld Lugganath Eldar Wraithknight

Imperial Knights and Titans
Ben's Legio Metalica Reaver Titan 'Animus Denudator"

Jesse's Legio Ursas Alaska-themed Warhound Titan

Nate's Legio Metalica/House Raven Titan Army

House Terryn Knight Titan

House Cadmus Knight Titan

The Obsidian Knight Freeblade

Connor's Necron Army

Dr. Manhatten Galactic Transcendent C'tan

Mike's Transcendent C'Tan

Dan's Orks:

Anthony's Nob Bikers:

Mike's Tau:

Joe and Matt's Tervigons:

Michael's Tervigon (Tervigon 2.0)

Tyranid Monstrous Creature Parade

Kevin's Skaven Horde

Jeff's Bretonnians Questing Group

Gabe's Ogre Kingdoms, High Elves, and Skaven Army Pieces (Various Models)

Steve's Festus the Leechlord (WoC Character Commission)

Khador Cavalry Force

Charity Cygnar Battlegroup

Magilla Gurilla's Malifaux Crews


Terrain Completed for Durango Game Space

Terrain Completed for Good Games

Sam's Imperial Defense Network

Sarcos Lizardman and Pro Elves Blood Bowl Team

Brian's Necromantic Blood Bowl Team (All-Madden 2045)

Jarad's Pathfinder Snow Elf

eBay'ed Projects

eBay'ed Arvus Lighter 'The Taxicab'

eBay'ed Assault on Black Reach Imperial Fists

eBay'ed Fully Magnetized Nemesis Dreadknight

eBay'ed Magnetized Necron Overlord with Ever-Living Counter

eBay'ed Empire Witch Hunters

eBay'ed Necron Lord Nemesor Zahndrekh

eBay'ed Necron Scarab Swarms

eBay'ed Chaos Lord of Skulls Superheavy Vehicle

eBay'ed Evil Sunz Ork Morkanaut

eBay'ed House Taranis Knight Paladin


Personal and Random 
Painting Projects

Granesh's Imperial Guard Army

Granesh's Tau Empire Army

Granesh's Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines Army

Forge World Giant Chaos Spawn

Ral-Partha Beholder Model (Game Space)

Note: Citadel, Privateer Press, Ral-Partha, Reaper, and Wyrd are owned by their respective companies, and no challenges to copyright is intended by using their names.