Monday, December 5, 2011

Finished: Salamanders HQ Characters

Hey guys,

So I was able to sit down last night and get the finishing touches done on Vulkan He’stan, so the commission is finished! Very simple one, it consisted of:

  • Vulkan He’stan
  • Terminator Chaplain with Storm Bolter and Crozius Arcanum


Trying a new picture taking area btw, so any feedback is appreciated.

Must say, I LOVE the Terminator Chaplain model. Lots of character and details on him, and he’s relatively easy to paint up!



THIS model, on the other hand, makes me question GW a bit. I understand he’s supposed to be the chief artificer and Chapter Master of the Salamanders, but WHY SO MUCH DETAIL! He’s too busy! There’s not a lot to draw the eye, so it gets hard to look at. I’d like to think I did him some SLW justice though!




Flames turned out really nicely. I’m not super happy with the blending on his Spear, though it looks good nonetheless. He’s off to get varnished here in a few!

And next to a Salamander for good measure!


Alrighty! Next up on the block is more Dreadfleet and the next installment of the Khador models I did a couple weeks ago! Stay tuned!


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  1. Did a really great job on the Chappy.
    Vulkan turned out great...that is a very busy model!