Thursday, February 9, 2012

2/9/12: Reworking the Blog; Finished: FW Eldar Shadow Spectres

Hey guys!

So just a quick post today, I’ve had a couple of requests to get an RSS feed up for the blog, amongst other things, so I’m playing around with that, seeing what I can do. The RSS Feed for Smells Like Wargaming is HERE, so all you followers with Smart Phones or just like to have your blogs in one place, now you can add me!

You can also see the layout of the blog has changed a little bit. Just something to freshen the SLW experience, as soon as I get more time, I’ll be fixing the size of the logo, as well as finding more buttons and things. Stay tuned, and if you find any bugs or weird things on the site, please, let me know.

Alrighty, the fun stuff! Sat down this weekend and finished up Mike’s Shadow Spectres. BEAUTIFUL models, but if I have to paint another gem…what do you mean I have 2 more Wave Serpents….




I wanted to keep FW’s white armor, but opted for greens for Biel-Tan, rather than Myamera’s blues. I know the bases in the last shot don’t match the War Walker, the matter has been resolved!
Got a 2 Wave Serpents and a Fire Prism to do, and the Eldar’ll be done!

I also found a little time to get a project ready for myself, just something to break up Chaos and Imperial Fists.


My Magpie friend ditched his new Necrons after his second game, so I decided that this’ll be a good group to paint up, play a little, then sell off. We’re looking at just under 1k points:
  • 2 Necron Overlords/Lords
  • 2 Command/Annihilation Barges
  • Finecast Cryptek
  • 24 Warriors
  • 8 Scarabs (who needs 4 to a base?)
  • 5 Immortals
Should be a quick paint, and will be good to break up monotony a little bit. I need a good personal project, I’ve been feeling a little burnt out lately.

More Eldar shots tomorrow, and hopefully some Necrons!


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