Saturday, April 19, 2014

4/19/14: Finished: House Terryn Imperial Knight Paladin

Hey folks!

So, after finishing the House Taranis Knight (link HERE) and getting him sold, I picked up two more Knights and the Codex: Imperial Knights in case I want to play with them in the future. One of the Knights is mine, he'll be House Cadmus, but the second one was always planned to be painted and sold. I had some downtime this week (the only downtime I'll have for the next three weeks), so I broke him out, said some prayers to the Omnissiah, and jumped in.

I opted for House Terryn this time, as I'd wanted to try out some blues. Their scheme revolves around using the primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) which, while it isn't my favorite scheme, looks very striking on the tabletop! Enough chatter, more Knights!

The Knight in all his glory! For anyone painting one, be sure to leave the armor plates off; its easier to color, weather, and place decals than if you're trying to put it on the fully assembled model.

Had to use the Cult Mechanicus decal sometime!

A little gloss varnish and some Micro-Sol, and you can't even tell they're decals! Added some of my own creative touches, like the extra diamond on the tilting plate. 

The checker effect is my favorite part of the model; I eyeballed some cuts on a piece of painter's tape, affixed them to the shoulder pad after spraying it yellow, then sprayed it black! Voila! The weathering is a mix of sponging and careful paint application.

The gold was based with the old Calthan Brown Foundation paint. Once dry, I painted VGC Gold on top, then washed it with Agrax. Once that was dry, I stippled VGC Gold back onto the model. I wanted a tarnished yet regal look, and the stippled gold achieves this perfectly.

I always work bottom up, so the base was done first, then the leg plates, the groin cover, then the banner. The checkered kneepad was done the same way as the shoulderpad. I'm really pleased with the base too; its a mix of cork, Imperial Sector pieces, an old Walls and Barricade piece, and a mix of Vallejo's Black Lava and playground sand. Definitely the best urban base I've done, I'll be replicating this on the next Knights I do.

And, just because I can, a scale shot of this bad boy next to my Lord of Skulls (Which is still for sale HERE, if anyone's interested!). Loving the huge models GW's been producing, they're a ton of fun to paint and really let you play with some fun effects!

For anyone interested, the Knight will be going up on eBay; the link to the auction is here: Pro Painted Imperial Knight Paladin! I'm moving in under two weeks, so personal projects are about to hit an all-time low. Got one more terrain commission to finish by Thursday, then its to packing! 


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