Friday, July 6, 2012

7/6/12: Finished: Magilla’s Pandora Neverborn Crew

Hey guys!

So as I’ve talked about before, my buddy Magilla Gurilla over at Table Top War has been bitten pretty hard by the Malifaux bug, and as a result, I’ve got crews coming over my painting desk left and right!

I already showcased the Zoraida crew, but I got the itch to paint and got his Pandora crew finished in a day’s worth of work. I’m pretty happy with the way the group turned out, especially the Insidious Madness!

Pandora Crew Finished


Convict Gunslinger

Baby Cade and Candy were amazingly detailed for their size, but they painted up exceptionally fast as well. Convict Gunslinger is definitely my favorite model in the group. His head is a little flatter than a head should be, but that’s no big deal. The skintone turned out perfectly on him, and the scars I’m even happier with!

Alrighty, next up is an Imperial Fists motorpool and Magilla’s Lilith Crew!


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