Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finished: Imperial Fists; Granesh is in an Army Rut

Hey everyone,

So a couple things to cover this time. I finished the Imperial Fists commission that came in on Monday. Definitely not my usual style, but they’re done, look good, and are definitely ready for the tabletop. I already posted pictures of the Dread, but I’m still oddly pleased with the name Caesar.

Anyways, some pictures!





On another note, I seem to be in an army rut. I’m at a point where I have a bunch of army ideas in my head, but can’t decide which direction to go. Yes, I know I still have the Tau, and I’ll drop it here first: They’re going up for sale at some point, probably soon. The army is at a point where it’d be great for someone either new to the game that wants to start an army with painted models, or someone ready for the new Tau Codex to drop. If anyone’s interested, please email me at, and we’ll get something worked out.

Anyways, I’ll throw out some hobby ideas to you folks, and it’ll probably jump into the poll as well.

#1: Buzzgob’s Kastorel-Novem Army

This would be a totally fun, goofy ork army. I plan on picking up Buzzgob this summer to paint and enter into the WAR Games CON painting competition, so it’d be something to let me use him as a standard Big Mek or something. The army would have lots of Orks, ‘ard Boyz, and Gretchin, as well as Buggies, Trukks, Killa Kans, and Deff Dreads.

#2: Anphelion Project Tyranids

Ever since I did those Tervigon, I’ve been intrigued with the Tyranids. While the book is a little difficult to read sometimes, it definitely has a lot of fun tools and Monstrous Creatures to cause havoc. Probably a FW Hive Tyrant, some Tervigon and Termagants, Gargoyles, a Mawloc, probably a Tyrannofex, and some Carnifex. They’d be done in a Tan skin with Forest green carapace.

#3: Pre-Heresy World Eaters

This army has been encouraged by my friend for a while. I have a CSM battleforce, as well as some odds and ends. He’s given me the idea to do a Marine army that I can run under any Marine codex, which is cool, but I like to get adjusted to one book. Plus, I’m in no circumstance to paint White to the level I want to paint it, being in a campus apartment.

#4: Badab War Carcharadons

If you haven’t gone and done it yet, download Episode 20 & 21 from The Independent Characters. They go into detail on Imperial Armour 9 & 10, which covers the Badab War. The second book, however, covers the Carcharadons and how they essentially tear the Mantis Warriors a new point of contact with relative ease. While a simple paint scheme, the logo is striking, the fluff is awesome, and it’s a relatively obscure army that would be sure to turn heads.

#5: Egyptian Themed Necrons

Kind of a stretch, but I’ve had this idea in my head for so long. Necrons mixed with a Tomb King kinda feel. Tomb Scorpions, dust covered Necrons, a monolith complete with a Necrony mural of Ramses II…I’ve been an Egypt nerd for a long time, and with rumors of a new book coming soon, it might be time to incorporate my love for ancient Egypt into my next army!

#6: Standard Marines Themed to the Chosen Book

I have thought about going an easy route on doing a Marine army by just choosing a Codex and going with it. So a standard Blood Angels army, painted as Blood Angels, for the Blood Angels Codex. Not my first choice, but its lingering to go the quick and easy route.

So guys, what do you all think? Which ideas sound good, and which ideas sound like I’ve been around super glue too long? All are viable choices for an army, and I’ll take all critique, critcism, and comments. Also, I’ll be shooting some pictures of the Tau stuff I have finished, so keep an eye out for that soon!



  1. Out of the armies you've listed there, i'd probably go for the Buzzgob army! SOOOOOO much Mek in there, it'll be a blast to build and paint!

  2. See that was my first thought. Plus, since I want to get the Buzzgob model anyways, I might as well make an army for him!

  3. Buzzgob sounds like a blast. So Orks or Space Sharks, but I'm biased towards both.

  4. Orks or Cacharodons. Buzzgob's army would be cool, but the Cacharodons seem like something that you could use some more of your own ideas for since they are kind of unknown.

  5. Orkses and Carcharodons are built for fightin!

    I guess it depends on what you want to go for more. Orks would let you go kunversion krazy but it might be more cool to do the Carcharodons where you have less extreme modeling options but can really get a dark, coming-up-from-below feel with the paint scheme. Just sing the Jaws theme to yourself until you get the scheme right :)