Wednesday, April 16, 2014

4/16/14: Finished: Galactic Transcendent C'tan

Hey folks!

Three blogposts in under a week?! What the hell happened to Granesh?! Well, good sirs and madams, I've been hard at work, that's what! I received this commission while I was out in Hawaii last month; a previous client, looking to get some work done on his Necrons, approached me with an interesting idea: Turn a six inch action figure of Dr. Manhattan into a Transcendent C'tan. We all know Dr. Manhattan is the ultimate C'tan, so I gladly obliged. He gave me some specs, and we were off. I'm incredibly happy with how he turned out, so enough chit-chat, more star god!

The client wanted him to appear as a mass of space; galaxies, nebulas, the occasional planet or two, and lots of stars! The Nebulas are airbrushed, gradually mixing up to white. 

The muscles were lightly highlighted with Midnight Blue, and the stars were done by putting white paint on an old toothbrush and gently running my thumb down the bristles, flicking the paint onto the model. I had to repeat that a couple times, as working on other areas would cover them up. I did some stars with blue as well, to add variation to the model.

The client wanted him on an early spring base, so I based it like normal, then lightly airbrushed white onto the flock and the rocks. Then it was a matter of carefully applying the snow!

The galaxy was a quickly airbrushed blob, which was then handpainted to include the swirling arms and the internal glowing mass.

And a scale shot of him next to one of my cultists! You better run stupid, he's gonna turn you into cosmic matter!

 Alrighty! The next week and a half is devoted to the fifth terrain commission for Good Games, so expect updates on that constantly on Facebook and Twitter! It sounds like they're going to be needing Fantasy terrain next, so it should be exciting to see some Fantasy terrain come across the painting desk! Might work on another Knight too, so stay tuned!


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  1. I'd commission you to paint one for me.