Friday, August 17, 2012

8/17/12: Finished: Lilith Malifaux Crew and Teddy!

Hey guys,

So the painting mojo is back in full swing, I’ve just been rolling through commissions lately. First the Dark Eldar, and now this!



Lilith, lots of character in this model.


Tuco and Iggy. Strange little models, Tuco’s face is almost entirely covered up, and Iggy looks ready to go bobsledding…


Terror Tot Nephilim, complete with little doodles too!


Young Nephilim, these models were fun to paint up. Though the wings were separate pieces and a little touchy to glue on…


Mature Nephilim! RUN!


Desperate Gunslinger: one of my favorite models, yet I hate him at the same time. Everything just looks like it needs to be painted the same color, he was the hardest piece to finish.


Primordial Magic: What can I say, it’s a zombie genie worm! Who doesn’t love that?


And a little extra bonus for Magilla, I got my favorite Malifaux model painted up. He wanted the Care Bear look and feel, and I’m pretty sure I delivered on that pretty well. Got a ton of positive feedback on this guy just on the looks!

Alrighty! There’s more Malifaux coming down the line (Seamus, anyone?), but first, I’m looking at some Imperial Fists, High Elves, and some terrain!


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  1. Wow that care bear model is quite possible both the most awesome and most terrifying thing I've ever seen...