Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Finished: Blood Angels Devastators and Servitor; Dr. Eggman in 40k?!

Hey guys,

So a couple of updates today. First off, I sat down and rallied out the Blood Angels Devastators I had as a commission. I’m really happy with them!




Also done is a Servitor to join that Techmarine I did a couple days ago. Strange model, I feel like I used too many washes, though I think that’s just the nature of the model.


The skintone kinda washed out in the picture, but its pale with a light blue mixed in to create a pseudo-corpse look.

Finally, barring a bout of insomnia last night, I sat down and worked on a project I hadn’t touched in a while. You all might remember a while ago, I was going to make a model based around:


Well behold, the start to my favorite video game villain of all time. He’s going to count as an Obliterator. The head of the Egg-Deptus Mechanicus cult on Vega Prime, Magos Dr. Eggman.


Still got a lot of work to do on him, including running Guitar wire from the weapons into his armor. I’m still really pleased with his mustache and face.


Alrighty, I’ll be getting the Inquisitorial Storm Troopers finished over the weekend, and I’ll have the Blood Angels done over next week. By that point, I’ll have the next group of Wolves in…whew….busy busy!



  1. Wow man you really are busy, how do you find the time to do your own stuff?

    By the way top notch work love what your doing at the mo, and the Servitor looks fine if they don't want it I'll have it.

  2. @Commissar Dave: Thanks man! If the client doesn't like the servitor, I'll send him your way ;) As for my own stuff, that's the first work I've done on a personal project in almost two weeks, and that was at 4 in the morning. Love being nocturnal!


  3. aha I love the Eggman conversion. Nice work on the Blood Angels