Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Finished: Tyranid Tervigon MKII; Durango Has a Hobby Shop! Upcoming Apocalypse Ideas!

Hey guys!

Sorry for the delay in posts, school and life is still kicking my butt. But never fear! Smells Like Wargaming is here! I’ve haven’t been shirking on my wargaming duties either. I just finished my…8th?…yes 8th…Tervigon since I’ve started SLW.

I must say, I’m rather happy with this one, the paint scheme came out perfectly, especially on the birthing sacs, and the snow really compliments the carapace. I didn’t have any fishing line on me though, so the dripping nasty goo is missing.

Enough words….



You can see how lengthening the body makes it much larger than a standard Carnifex.




I always model my Tervigons with the Adrenal Gland and the Toxin Sacs. Most players have trouble noticing Xenos upgrades, so its WYSIWYG for the most part. Plus, if the Tervigon gives Gants around it Furious Charge and Poison if she has them, why not model it on the birthing sacs!


Got that Gant done in 15 minutes or so, I really hate the Snap-Tite models for painting. The Gant is more of an extra surprise more than anything else, we like to do some extra stuff sometimes here at SLW!


And a scale shot. I love building these things, I don’t think I’ve ever had one I wasn’t super happy with. I do think next time though, I may just pick up a Trygon Torso, it may make that sculpting unnecessary.

Also, if you’re watching the Facebook page, you’ll see that Durango has finally gotten a hobby shop. The store was actually in Pagosa Springs, about an hour east of us, but Durango’s bigger, so it makes more sense for the shop to be here. My friend and I got to try out Dreadfleet (whooped his butt!), and I may be painting the store copy….ooooo. The store is called Game Space, is ran by a really nice gentleman, and, best of all, has some really good space for gaming. At least 3 tables, if not 4, lots of extra room, and a Television (blaring Denver’s loss to Detroit last week…ugh..)


Anyways, if anyones in the Four Corners area, come up and say hi! I’ve got some pieces on display and some fliers up, and as long as I don’t have class or some arbitrary assignment as a result or class, I’m always down to hang and talk some gaming!

Speaking of gaming, I was given word that the gaming group that’s already showed up at the shop has an Apocalypse game planned for Thanksgiving weekend. Now, since I’m not going home for the holidays, I was thinking the Alpha Legion and their unsuspecting Guard allies would show up for the battle! However, I’d like to have something besides a Baneblade to putt around the board.

Arvus? Sold it.

Brass Scorpion? Poor college student….

Hmmmm….got it!

DOOMSDAY DEVICE *shade falls over eyes*

I’ve got some basic ideas, something either hidden or unsuspecting, something that would convey Alpha Legion AND destruction.


It’s a start…

Next up is some Khadorian Winter guard and Angels Encarmine for my boy Snake Eyes over at Table Top War! Then maybe some time for my own stuff!



  1. Pagosa Springs had a hobby shop, but not funny.

  2. I am so excited to hear this! I live in Durango... When I saw the sign I thought it was for PC gaming... Do you know the opening times?

  3. I don't know the opening times all week, but I know that on the weekend, Steve's usually there by noon. My friend and I are planning on swinging by on Sunday about noon to check out the 40k scene, I'd love to meet a fellow blogger and gamer!

  4. Tervigon looks great. The only suggestion I would make would be to add some gloss medium on the Nids coming out. I like the paint scheme. Great job!

  5. Granesh, thanks for the info on the game shop. I look forward to checking it out when I move to the area in June.