Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10/22/14: Finished: Legio Metalica Reaver Titan 'Animus Denudator'

Howdy folks!

Got a very exciting commission to show off this time! Client wanted his new Reaver Titan done in Legio Metalica colors with some Mechanicus constructs wandering about the battlefield on his base. He also needed him for a game on the 25th, so I had to kick on the burners and get this bad boy done in a week! Pretty good for the timeframe, methinks!

Client got two Laser Blasters, a Gatling Blaster, and the Apocalypse Missile Launcher arms. They're all magnetized for any loadout!

The Thallax at his feet is magnetized, in case the client wants to use him instead of leave him as base decor.

My favorite part is the carapace, the heraldry with the name turned out perfect, if I do say so myself!

Yeah, doesn't look so intimidating now. The flight stand doesn't even come up to his knee!

And his foot is the size of a Rhino!

Lots of fun with the freehand on this one!

Now, just remember, when you're having a bad day, you could be wired into the ceiling of a titanic walker!

I wish I could have had more time to work on this guy, but deadlines are deadlines sometimes! Taking a day or two to rest my brain, then its back to work! Armies on Parade is this Saturday, and I have some minor touchups to do on the Chaos Marines, but next on the table is some Warmachine and some Salamander Space Marines!

Stay tuned!



  1. Wow! Just Wow! That is an incredible model. Loving the scale shots. What an incredible amount of work you put into this guy. I could gush over this thing all day long.

  2. Awesome work on an awesome model!

  3. Thanks a lot folks! I had a lot of fun working on such a monstrous model, just wish I'd had even more time to work on him!