Saturday, September 28, 2013

9/28/13: Finished: Lots and Lots of Terrain!

Hey guys!

So here's what the last week of work has been leading to! I'm really happy with how all this terrain came out, but I'll let my pictures speak for me, as usual! Lets go!

The Shrine of the Aquila. Opted for a NMM-effect on the aquila, I'm really happy with how it turned out.

 The base of the building is an overbrush from dark grey up to white. Everything is then sponged in a light silver to create chipping, then details were added.

 There is a lot of freehand all over the buildings, it really helps to add the urban feel to everything.


 Personally my favorite piece, the rust is FW weathering powders, and the billboard is the client's business card glued to a piece of plasticard, then a frame was built. Then I masked the picture, painted, and weathered it! Turned out perfectly!

  And the interior, lots of weathering powder on this guy, along with my standard freehand. This 'SLW' guy is everywhere!

 The Governor's quarters, the balcony adds a nice touch to the battlefield.

Spent some time to get those monitors looking sexy too!

 A broken Imperial Basilica, really digging the green with the bronze.

You again!

 Honored Imperium and Battlefield Accessories. Nothing too crazy, but all the Accessories have waterslides on them to add to the Imperial effect. Its little details like those that will really make your battlefield terrain.

More craters. Been there, done that!

 There's a set of three forests; first off is an Autumnal grove.

 Second is a summertime meadow.

 And lastly, a burnt out grove, perfect for Sylvania, the Chaos Wastes, and Armageddon alike!

 Added some extra leaves to the bases to make them look more natural.

 Look Ma, more freehand!

 Veterans of the Cadian 317th hold off cultists in a bombed-out Imperial city.

First time my IG have hit the table in a while!

 And High Elves face down the minions of Festus the Leechlord!

Whew! That's a lot of terrain! Like I said, incredibly happy with how it turned out, and the client was just as happy as well! Next up is some more terrain, a little Forge World, and more Elves! Here's a sneak peek at the next group:

May be a slow week on the painting front next week, but have no fear, the mojo is in full flow and I've got a lot of stuff coming up!



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    1. Short, sweet, and to the point! Thanks! I gotta say, rocking out this terrain definitely makes me want to work on my own set! That's a project for a later date, methinks...