Thursday, November 7, 2013

11/7/13: Finished: Imperial Defense Lines Terrain

Hey guys!

So, as promised, I rocked through the Defense Line terrain commission this week! I've gotten called into work Tuesday and today, so painting was a little slow these days, but with a little elbow grease (and three seasons of Parks and Rec!) I dove in! Here's the results!

The Defense Lines, in all their glory! Really enjoyed these kits, there's a ton of detail all over them! Only downside is the amount of corpses on the sides. Not because they're there, because they've been sculpted so that skulls, arms, and torsos all extend crazy long and huge. 

Line #1: I opted for waterslides to break up the flat surfaces of the embellishments and the barrels on the backside.

#2: The floors were painted Doombull Brown. Then they were sponged with Chainmail to create an initial chipped look. After that had dried, a liberal amount of Forge World's Black Soot Weathering Powder was applied and brushed on. Finally, I reapplied the Chainmail to create variation in the chipping. It adds depth and detail to the floors, and really helps them stand out.

#3: The rocks and corpses were painted Scorched Brown, then overbrushed up to Baneblade Brown. The bones were drybrushed Pallid Wych Flesh and washed with Agrax Earthshade. Once the armor had been finished (I'll cover that below), the bones were again drybrushed with Pallid Wych Flesh.

#4: The Cadian equipment was painted Caliban Green. Some areas were given an Agrax Earthshade wash, then sponged with Chainmail. Waterslide transfers were occasionally added to shoulderpads and barrels to add realism and decoration.

You can make out the details better here. After everything was finished, the corpses and equipment was lightly hit with Forge World's Dark Earth Weathering Powder. This was done very moderately to blend everything into the base and add a final layer of shadow to everything.

Arkos the Faithless leads his Warp Talons against the Imperial Command Strongpoint...

...while his Chosen and summoned Bloodletters assault the Imperial horde.

Glad to have this all done, really makes me want to paint the Defense Lines we have at work now! Alrighty, tomorrow and Saturday are looking like work on the Vulture. I'll be out of the studio Sunday, Monday, and early Tuesday, but I'll be jumping into some Khador then! Stay tuned!


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