Friday, October 18, 2013

10/18/13: Finished: Skaven Screaming Bell and Warp Talons Sneak Peek

Hey guys!

So I did some final touchups, cleaned up some of the glow effect, and matt varnished the Screaming Bell, so I can safely say its complete! I used to hate Skaven, but this kit definitely changed my opinion! Lets let the pictures talk, shall we?

The bell in all its glory!

The Grey Seer and his bell. The Bell was weathered just a little bit more, and hit lightly with the matte varnish to keep its shine.

The Rat Ogre ringing the bell. Definitely a strange model, lots of fun to paint. Definitely leave him off to paint, you'll want to get into all the weird nooks and crannies to really pull him off.

The Warpstone glow dominates this piece, as it should. I deliberately made the glow on the Ogre's hand bright and obvious to accentuate this glow. 

The Brazier was based in Caliban Green, then overbrushed Warpstone Glow and Moot Green. The coals were then washed with Coelia Greenshade to make them stand out. The whole piece was then drybrushed with a mix of Moot Green and White to accentuate any folds and wisps in the smoke.

And the other side, so you can see the back of the Ogre and the other side of the Seer. This project was a lot of fun to do, and I think painting a Hellpit Abomination, Doom Wheel, or hey, even Globadiers, would be a blast, especially with all the glow effects!

I also finished my Warp Talons last night; Not the best picture, but I'll have an article covering it tomorrow while at work, as I'll be able to get better pictures from there.

Alrighty! I've got some interesting projects for today, and I'll be starting the charity Cygnar group today as well. Stay tuned to the Facebook page for WIP updates on those! 

Off to work!



  1. Thanks! Gotta say, I've got the glow effect bug now! Might need to go paint some Plasma or more Skaven now!