Thursday, June 28, 2012

6/28/12: Finished: Magilla’s Zoraida Neverborn Crew

Hey guys!

Whoa, another week without a post. Ooops…well I’ve been busy this week!

Sunday was our Combat Patrol event. The group had 6 people turn out, and it ended up being Tyranids that took the event! 3 squads of Genestealers with Broodlords is a nasty, nasty army.

Monday was my 21st birthday! I can safely say my liver is, in fact, still intact, but thanks to my girlfriend and my good friends for making my birthday awesome!

I got back into the painting swing on Tuesday though and rocked through most of Magilla’s Zoraida Neverborn crew for Malifaux. Gotta say, these models are a nice break from Citadel pieces, and while some of them are better than others, they’re all fun to work on in some capacity.

The crew is:
  • Zoraida
  • 2 Stitched Togethers
  • 1 Voodoo Doll
  • Big Juju, Mire Golem
  • Lelu
  • Lilitu
  • 3 Silurids
The silurids were interesting because the box I received was missing a head. I have to give Wyrd some credit, they were fairly quick to replace it, although their communication to let me know it was on its way was a little off. It arrived about a week after I’d emailed them about it, which isn’t too bad, especially with them getting ready for GenCon and some other events.

Crew Finished!

The crew in all its glory!

Bad Juju

Bad Juju. Lots of little details on this guy, from the stone in his head to the lilypads and broken bottles.


Silurids. Kinda a blurry picture, but you can get a feel for them. Probably my least favorite models in the set, but hey, you can’t like them all!

Stitched Togethers and Voodoo Doll

2 Stitched Togethers and a blurry Voodoo Doll. The walking gunny sack look is pretty entertaining, and I really like the concept of these models.

Lelu and Lilitu

And Lelu and Lilitu! Lilitu is not a gaming model by any stretch of the imagination, that arm has broken off just by looking at it, and its too thin to really pin effectively.

Magilla Gurilla’s already sent me both Pandora’s and Lilith’s crews already, so I should rock through them this coming week. Along with Donny’s Imperial Fist tanks, it should be a good week for painting!

I paid for my 6th Edition Rulebook today, so I can’t wait to get my hands on this this weekend. I’m working all day at the shop on Saturday, so I should have plenty of time to try out the rules!


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