Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4/25/12: Finished: Empire Witch Hunter #2!

Hey guys!

So I had so much fun with the last Empire Witch Hunter, and seeing as he sold in under three hours last time, I figured I’d pick up another and play around with him.


This time, I opted for a little bit darker tones, replacing the brown gloves with black leather. There’s no gold on him either, keeping the deep colors deep and allowing the reds to pop out more.


I did Sigmar down the other side of his trenchcoat this time too, just to change things up a bit. Again, really fast paint at just about 4 hours, but this model has really got my painting mojo back up to full strength!

Also, if anyone’s interested in picking him up, he’s listed HERE!

Plans are to start on the Imperial Fist Bikers tonight!


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