Tuesday, September 3, 2013

9/3/13: Finished: High Elf Chariots; Some Upcoming Projects!

Hey guys!

So I've been busy working through some projects this last week, I think you all will really enjoy them, I know I did!

So my regular High Elf client sent me some final pieces to round out his army. I guess chariots in the new HE book are a little overcosted, but its always good to have all your options available. When I received these models, 2 were painted incredibly badly, while a 3rd (the horse one) was assembled, but needed some cleanup. No problem! I'll let the pictures talk, instead of rambling on!

 I opted for Orange and Blue on the horse chariot front, to compliment the BSB I did a while back.

 Dunno if the driver is supposed to be wearing a tunic, or what, but he looks meaner with bare muscle exposed.

  For what its worth, I've never painted a lion before, so this was a nice change of pace!

 I've really been enjoying freehanding banners, and this group had 2 perfect banners, ripe for some High Elf iconography!

 Really happy with the second side, the moon turned out perfectly!

 With the second Lion chariot, I opted for blues, rather than whites (Probably for my own sanity!), while still keeping the same style as the first.

 Wasn't sure if the Astronomy banner would work, but it turned out rather nicely, in my opinion!

  The other side is a little barren; I wasn't feeling another freehanded lion, so I'm sure I'll get bored sometime in the future and do something there!


There's a couple pieces left before the client's High Elves are finished, and they'll hopefully be done by Saturday. Here's a sneak peek at Caradryan; fun model, but the face leaves a little to be desired...

 There's also another project coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned for this. If you follow the Facebook page, you'll probably recognize what its going to be already!

  Alrighty! Next up is some more High Elves and terrain! I'm also feeling the Alpha Legion bug again, so I may get some work done on my own army! Only time will tell!


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