Sunday, August 22, 2010

Painting: My Tervigons

Hey guys,

So I haven’t gotten anything amazing done in the last week or so. I have started assembling one of my new Killa Kans, but thats a surprise for a later post, and I started painting a Rhino for my new Chaos Space Marines army, but once, again, that’ll be a feature post as well. For now, I wanted to show you guys the three Tervigon I’ve put together for various clients. After building all these, I actually thought about doing a Tyranid army consisting of 4, if not 5, of these suckers!

Anyways, the base of all three are a Standard Carnifex kit. According to the codex entry, the Tervigon comes armed with a Stinger Salvo, so I used that carapace piece for the top piece. The codex picture shows a creature much bigger than a Carnifex spewing out hordes and hordes of Termagaunts, so on the back end, I extended his rear carapace using the flat piece from the Carnifex kit.


I also added the Adrenal Gland to the back carapace in order to put it on the model, as well as cover a very minor gap on the back end. With the giant gap in the model from the extension of the torso, it was now time to sculpt the birthing sacs on the model. I never was a fan of the Pistachio shells, as well as the vaginal look to the other Tervigons, so I went for the lumpy sac look, as if the Tervigon was just storing the Gaunts in a hibernation state before ejecting them into the enemy. For the first two sacs, I used wooden beads, cut up, to serve as a base for the sacs. On the last one I did, I used Foam Eggs, found at Wal-Mart for $.50. These kept me from having to use a crap ton of Greenstuff in order to build the base.


In order to get the Gaunts to appear that they’re emerging from the birthing sacs, I cut two of the Snap-Tite Gaunts (They’re cheaper and I don’t have a thousand leftover ones) and glued them to the sacs. When I Greenstuffed the sacs, I sculpted around the Gaunts to give them their emerging look, and on the one that was featured on Games Workshop, I did the dripping fluid using fishing line, gloss varnish, and some blood red paint.

DSC00413 Tervigon (4) Tervigon (11)

Well that should be it, I feel that my Tervigon are some of the better ones around the internet, and I have a lot of fun building these, so if any of you Tyranids are interested in one, please don’t hesitate to email me!

I’ll have the rest of the Ork Commission finished by Wednesday, then be able to get some more Guard pieces done, so expect a lot of pictures over the next couple of weeks!


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