Sunday, March 10, 2013

3/10/13: Lost Souls 2013 Terrain, Blood Bowl, and General Painting!

Hey guys!

WOW. Almost two weeks? I’m ashamed! I never let my post count get past this point, at least we’ve got a lot to cover this time!

Alrighty! Where to start! First off, ended up going home for a couple days to see the fam and spend time with the girlfriend and let her go skiing, such an awesome break. Its been Spring Break though, so I’ve been pretty busy! I finished my Blood Bowl season 1-1-5….yeah…. five ties….at least the Orcland Raiders are consistant! Thinking Lizardmen next season, should be a nice change of pace from everything!


I got a little work done on the Alpha Legion! My Jump Packs arrived, meaning I got to throw the magnet in and see how my Lord would end up!


Some work on the cultists too, as you can see! Really liking that Traitor Commissar, thinking he could be converted into a loyalist one incredibly easily!


Started work on the lord too! Really stoked to see where he ends up, its gonna be a while before I get the chance to play him!


Magilla’s Dreamer Malifaux crew is assembled, just need to find some time to get them painted around some other projects!


Started painting Jason’s IG add-on to his Eagle Warriors! Got to assemble the two Vendettas, but they should be done and ready for the tournament at the end of the month!


Smokin’ Aces baby!

Ryan Working on Terrain

Lastly, today was spent getting the final tables worth of terrain painted up for Lost Souls 2013! For those of you who haven’t heard, our own RTGamer is running a regional tournament here in Durango, Colorado, and we’re hoping to get it to a larger, convention-esque level, but we’ll see. Check out the site HERE and, if you’re in the area, sign up and make the trip this weekend!


Ended up getting 4 hills from pink foam to full grown!


SEXY! We knocked out a TON of Citadel trees as well. Love the models now, they’re much better to work with in person!


And some buildings! About an hour or so into a Chapel here!


And the final count! I’ll get more pictures tomorrow of all the terrain we’ve gotten done down at Durango Game Space!


BAM! Super happy with all this work, it was the combined effort of myself, RTGamer, and our buddies Jonathan and Alden, who made this all possible! Now we’ve got some of the best terrain in the region!

Alrighty, the menu this week includes Death Cultists, Veterans, a Heldrake or two, maybe some Cultists, and Lost Souls (I’m a paint judge for the whole kit and kaboodle)!

Expect more updates tomorrow and this week!

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