Sunday, August 25, 2013

8/25/13: Finished: The Dreamer Malifaux Crew

Hey guys!

So this has been a project long in the waiting, but its finally done! This is Magilla's 4th Malifaux crew painted by your's truly, and I've gotta say, this is definitely my best one to date! A ton of fun, it just took me a little time to get into it! Lets jump straight in, shall we?

Lord Chompy Bits! I opted for a human-esque skintone to make him a little more menacing and creepy looking.

The crew leader, The Dreamer. Shame the shot turned out a little blurry. All Magilla requested was for him to be wearing a 'Tapout' shirt, for some added character. The black t-shirt changed the entire feel of the piece, which I'm extremely happy about!

Doppelganger. A really interesting model, her backside is missing all its skin, leaving just muscle and bone. Tried to do a quick see-through cloth effect on her, think it turned out pretty well for a gaming piece!

And the back! Didn't get a regular shot, just one from her WIP on my workbench.

Lelu and Lilitu! I've done these models before, opted, again, for a human skintone, rather than the daemonic I opted for last time. Really happy with Lelu.

Widow Weaver: Because spider's aren't creepy enough, they need to be wearing Victorian garb! The model was a pain to glue together, but turned out extremely well in the end!

Waldgeists. Not the most exciting models, but they turned out pretty well for mossy werewolves! Pretty happy with the bone-effect on his face!

Daydreams. Hilarious little models, they're really quick to paint up, but have a ton of character on their own or in a group!

Mysterious Effigy. A really strange model, I opted for NMM on the clock hands and his kneepads to keep him just as mysterious.

Every Malifaux crew I've painted has had one model that just doesn't seem as exciting as the others. This time, it was poor Coppelius. Interesting little model, but he's wearing men's Victorian clothing, which works best in all black. Fun for the most part, the eyeball is a creepy little touch for the piece.

My favorite piece, on the other hand, was Brutal Effigy. I wanted to play with some Object-Source Lighting, and his prominent lantern made him the perfect candidate! Again, played with the NMM to allow me to really play with the OSL effect as well.

A brighter shot of the OSL as he was being worked on in the studio.

I'm glad to be done with these badboys! I've heard...interesting things...about Malifaux 2nd Edition, so hopefully these guys will be seeing a lot of play time as 3rd Edition gets closer to dropping!

Next up on the painting block is some terrain, more High Elves (White Lion Chariots, anyone?), and continued work on the Astral Claws. I'm also working on a couple pieces with my girlfriend while she's in town for the weekend, so I'll try and throw a post up about that next week! Stay tuned!


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