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12/15/13: Even More Terrain! Tundra Themed Terrain Set

Howdy folks!

So its a little later than I'd promised, but instead of showing off some WIP shots of the terrain, I decided I'd just blow through it all super quick-like! Really pleased with this project overall, this is a table and a half worth of terrain finished in under two weeks and, personally, I think it looks pretty sexy! Enough jabber, more pictures! And believe me, there's a LOT of them!

First off, the battleboard! The clients wanted a tundra themed set this time; my last terrain sets for Good Games in Farmington were grasslands and generic-themed (Links HERE & HERE!). I themed the set around pg. 23 of the Chaos Space Marines Codex and Abaddon's 7th Black Crusade, where the Despoiler aims to crush the Blood Angels, personally leading a group of Berserkers against Devastator positions. Having a theme in mind really helps keep a terrain set like this in perspective.

The Battleboards and any outdoors piece were primed black. They were then dusted with grey and brown spraypaint to create a subtle blending from frozen earth to snow and back. Finally, the grey areas were sprayed with white to create a windblasted snowscape look. The ice was based a deep blue, then overbrushed with Ice Blue up to a white drybrush. When that was complete, the icy areas were sprayed with gloss varnish to create a sheen. This step was a little haphazard, as it created the effect of snow covering more ice than just what was seen on the surface. Most troubling for the aspiring general...

And with terrain! It really looks complete with a mix of trees, rubble, and buildings!

Citadel Woods; the clients specifically requested no leaves. I don't blame them, just looking at the leaves funny cause them to fall off! I'll have to find a use for all the leftover leaf pieces I have lying around...

Like the other forests, the trees are, in fact, removable for easy gaming!

Ah, the buildings. The commission included an Imperial Sector, so I had some fun with this! I had to do another billboard, so why not throw one of my business cards up, much like I did with theirs last time!

And the back of the billboard! The billboards really help stop crazy advantages with LoS, while at the same time, still remain fun and realistic for the set!

Damn cultists broke all my monitors!

Man that glow! This building could be a speech podium for an Imperial Governor, or a wastewater plant for the local hab-block!

Obviously the remains of the Governor's Quarters; look at all that gold! I've been working on a quick NMM effect for terrain, I may have to share it with you all soon...

Perhaps the Governor's Bodyguard's Quarters, but its hard to tell, its taken too much damage!

As I said, I wanted the set to reflect Abaddon's assault on the Blood Angels on Mackan during his 7th Black Crusade. Having two Blastscapes, I figured I'd aim for a theme and run with it! 

Waterslides and extra care really help to add personality to a terrain piece, so sometimes, its worth spending the same time you'd spend on a regular model on a terrain piece!

*Boo Hiss!* The Black Legion symbol comes from the Chaos Accessory sprue, and helped convey the Chaotic feel without affecting playability!

The Barricades continue the theme; each group has a bike that matches either the Blood Angels or Black Legion! If I do more, I'll throw some other marine chapters in, but we'll see how that turns out.

Arkos and his bodyguard stalk the ruins of Mackan, searching for the Emperor's faithful!

Chosen track their targets with plasma and melta drawn!

Whew! I hope you all enjoy the terrain! If you haven't read my artist's statement (Read it HERE), I like to see the game as a couple hours of immersing yourself in a narrative, a cinematic experience, if you will. Terrain is crucial to this effect, and I love painting terrain sets to complete this goal. I'm hoping to do some more personalized terrain sets with more pink foam and sculpting down the road, so we'll see where that leads!

Alrighty! Next up is the 1st group of a 3 part Necron Commission. Get to paint some really fun models in these groups (C'Tan AND Night Scythes, you say?!), so stay tuned for that next week! I'm going to be out of town from the 15th to the 17th, and will be on holiday from the 24th to the 2nd of January, so there's going to be a bit of a break, but I won't leave you guys hanging; I've got some fun posts planned for the holidays. 

Over and out!


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