Friday, November 11, 2011

Finished: Necron Overlord with Ever-Living Counter

Hey guys,

So I spent today catching up on some personal stuff, school, and, finally, a model I’ve had sitting on my desk for about a week. Happy with the turnaround time on it!

With the new Necron book and all them sweet, sweet, models, released, I knew I had to paint one up. So I grabbed the generic Necron Overlord off the shelf and gave it a whirl.

First off, I HATE the pose he comes stock in. The Resurrection Orb looks like he’s running in a touchdown, and the scythe is going to break off with the weird angle its at. So, a little cutting, minor Greenstuffing, and some paint, and….


BAM! I went with a standard Necron scheme, with green marble for the shoulder pauldrons, dangly bitz, and the torso, and gold for any royal highlights.


Need to get a better picture of the Res Orb. Oh, just in case you don’t want to take the Res Orb…


Yep, magnetized Finecast!


I think the only thing I’m not super happy with is the Sempinternal Weave/cloak thingy. I’m not a huge fan of reliancy on washes, but I use them extensively on metals. The gold just looks too washed out for my tastes. I’m sure I’m just being picky.

Also done, mainly for kicks, is an Ever-Living Counter. I don’t know about you, but I’m NOT putting this model on his side, matte varnished or not, to show he’ll get back up.


It’s a wooden ring glued to a 25mm base. I’ll have to do a Marble tutorial here soon, its really easy to do. There’s also Necron glyphs painted down the sides.



“Your time will come soon, Alpha Legionnaire…”

Now, my initial plan was to paint him up and sell him off. Good, generic lord colors, basic basing, and he’ll stand out in a crowd. However, with some things coming up, I’m thinking, rather than selling off an individual piece, that I’ll build up about a 2500 point army and sell her off. Warriors, Scarabs, Ghost Arks, Crypteks, the whole nine, all done up in the same scheme as the Overlord.

If anyone’s got an interest in picking up an army like this, drop me an email at SmellsLikeWargaming@hotmail dot com, and we’ll get something worked out. Otherwise, expect to see some more Necrons passing the painting table in December and January!

Up next is the finishing touches to Snake Eye’s Blood Angels, and boy, am I feeling refreshed now!



  1. Great work! I like the pose! :)

  2. that is really cool! i love the marble and his cape looks fantastic!

  3. Thanks guys!
    @Alviro: Thanks! I feel like it really helped the model out.
    @Fuzzbuket: I'm really happy someone likes the cape, I'm not super happy with it.