Tuesday, August 7, 2012

8/7/12: For Sale (Again): Winter Tau Empire Army


Hey guys,

Just a quick update today. Everyone knows life has a funny way of changing things, and thanks to life, the gentleman interested in my Tau Empire army has delayed his purchase of the army. So its being relisted on the site in case anyone else is still interested in the army!


Pathfinders and their Devilfish. 4 Pathfinders are metal, while the Shas’o is converted from the plastic tank driver.


Kroot: the perfect meat shield for your suits!


Hammerhead with Railgun and Smart Missile Systems; the Railgun is removable and able to be replaced with the Ion Cannon.


FW Crisis Suit Commander with bodyguard and drones. The Commander’s weapons are all magnetized for interchangability!


Fireknife Suits with Drones.


Fusion suits with Drones.


Piranha: Because high-speed Melta is always good!


Broadside Suit. This was a refurbished model, hence the Missile Pod working as the SMS.


Stealth Suits: Because the Battleforce came with them!


Fire Warriors Squad #1 with Devilfish.


Fire Warriors Squad #2; they usually just take the Pathfinder’s Devilfish.

The army falls between 1850 and 2000 points, and has plenty of room for expansion. Add more Kroot, some hounds, and maybe a Krootox or Gnarloc! A couple more Suits and Farsight and you’ve got a perfect Farsight Bomb! Like Vespids? I guess we all make mistakes.

The army comes with a small tackle box of bits, including extra suit weapons, some metal pieces, and even an extra pewter Railgun from the Broadside! Also included is Codex: Tau Empire, and a GW army case which holds everything but the suits and the vehicles.

The asking price is $1500 obo, so roll up to your 6th Edition games with a sexy new army! Plus, the Tau codex is rumored within the next year or so, so now’s the perfect time to build the core of your army!



  1. Why thank you sir! I got these guys done over the course of a school year, had a lot of fun building and painting them. Would love to redo the army at some point too, seeing as I've learned a lot since.