Monday, June 4, 2012

6/4/12:Finished (Almost): Temple of Skulls

Hey guys,

So I ended up getting called in to work today, so rather than getting commissions done, I ended up getting more terrain worked on for Durango Diceworks and Durango Game Space.

My latest piece is the Temple of Skulls:


Really happy with it so far, this picture was taken before I got a chance to finish the pillars on the back side and some of the random skulls scattered about. I also did some freehanding and got all four Chaos Gods’ symbols and some script on the skulls. Otherwise, I’m really happy with how its come out. I need to Gloss Varnish the marble, and I’d love to get some Water Effects to do a gory pool in the crevace at the top, but we’ll see if that actually happens.

Alright, tomorrow is looking like some commission painting! Dark Eldar and Grey Knights, ho!



  1. I like how the you have used the red as a spot color. The whole piece is coming together really well.

  2. Thank you sir! I was trying to find a good accent color to bring the whole piece together. I think it's a little more "Khorne" than I wanted it to be, but I'm pretty happy with the whole thing so far. I'll get some final pictures on Thursday when I go back into work!