Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finished: Tau Commission, Part Un

Hey everyone,

So I rocked out the first chunk of the Tau Commission….8 days is a new record for me! I really enjoy how they look all in all, the red complimenting the sandstone color of the main armour. As usual, I’ve done some special effects on the models, especially the Shas’O of the Fire Warriors, the glowing optics on the XV9, and the weathering on the Hammerhead and the Piranha. Anyways, less talk, more pictures!



I did a fairly interesting base for the XV9; not only does it look nice, but the barrel adds a little extra stability to the entire model as well. There’s also some Tau symbols done nicely on the backpack area, the chest, and the thigh.




I designated each squad with Red and White; the Shas’O have their shoulderpad painted their squad’s color with the unit marking in the opposite color. To add to the Communist Fish People mentality, I did a little propaganda on the Piranha and the Shas’O which I really like.






Note there are at least two drones missing from this picture, as I hadn’t finished them yet.

All in all, I had a lot of fun with this chunk of the force, and have at least one more group to do, including 2 more XV9, a Hammerhead, and some Kroot!  

I’ve also gotten about halfway done with the second group of Skaven, I’ll be rocking those out while I’m waiting for the next grouping of Tau! I’m also debating on picking up some Tau for myself now, so I may have some of my own figures running around too!

For the Greater Good!


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