Sunday, October 17, 2010

Painting: More Tau and the First Block of Storm Vermin

Hey everyone,

So I’ve been working nice and hard on my current commissions, nothing too difficult, but just enough to keep me busy. The Skaven are coming along nicely, and I finished the first block of Storm Vermin on Saturday. The commissioner wanted to change the cloth from red to blackish purple, which is an interesting switch for colours. On the next block, I have to do a Stormbanner and Warpstone Pistol on the Champion on the next group, which should be interesting, because I don’t have an additional pistol bit like I did on the first one. Anyways, pictures!



I’ve also gotten a TON of work done on the Tau, I’m really having fun with this project, and I might have to start a small force for myself! Anyways, here’s some more pictures of them, including the first block of Fire Warriors. The Stealth Suit transformation effect was really easy: Just do the standard camo effect on one part of the model, do a black half on the opposite part, then run an Ice Blue and White line between the two colors. It really came out nicely and was very easy to do! Anyways, more pictures!






Its really starting to drive me crazy, but I haven’t had any time to work on my own projects. I’ve got a ton of schoolwork due in the next two weeks, as well as these commissions. I still have a Lord Commissar model sitting on my desk, as well as some Killa Kans to do as well. I might do a couple small forces just for fun though when I’m done with these commissions…I’m still not sure….Anyways, expect more pictures during the week!


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