Sunday, January 6, 2013

1/6/13: Finished: Ogre Kingdoms Maneater and Sabretusks, Part Un

Hey guys!

So I've been busy the last week with New Years, work, and yes, a little painting. I wanted to get these guys done as quickly as possible, so I sat down and rolled through the majority of the little Ogre Kingdoms group I'd picked up from a friend.

Gotta say, again, loving the Sabretusks. The sculpts are dead on for the feline form, and while the faces are a little ugly, I have a lot of fun painting them.

Craziest model I've done in a while, the Ogre Maneaters are a lot of fun to work on. I did a shield on the back of one of the Cannons in yellow and green, so I opted for those colors again for the Maneater. And its Stirland, I couldn't remember the yellow and green Empire group. Hooray for posterity's sake!

I had some more pictures of him, but it looks like my phone didn't want to upload them to Blogger! Go technology, go! Just for fun too, here's a shot of the Ogre Kingdom's stuff I've gotten done so far for my client! Working on monsters is a nice break from Space Marines and human models!

I also spent the day hanging out at the shop, watching RTGamer and another buddy of mine play some Fantasy (Go Vampires go!), playing some Magic, and hanging out with some friends of mine. 

Alrighty! Tomorrow is the last time I have a first class of the semester, so here's wishing me luck to one final semester! Should be a good one, I've got Graphic Design history, a Senior Seminar class, and a History class on Peace in Africa. Might need one more class, so we'll see. Should have some more work done this week, stay tuned!


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