Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finished: Bad Moonz Orks (Part Two)

Hey guys,

So a quick update today, I finally sat down and rallied out Commission #1: Bad Moonz Orks.


The project consisted of:

1 Weirdboy

4 Meks

4 Lootas

8 Burnas

6 Killa Kans

There’s a lot of detail work on all of the figures, from the Bad Moonz symbols as tattoos and markings all over the figures, to checkers, facepaint, goofy Ork sayings, etc. I always have fun with Orks, and this project is no exception!





I’ve told the commissioner a couple of times, but I’ll stress it again: I want to see some full army shots of Boyz, the Kans, and everything else, in a game! I’ll see if I can talk him into it again! 

The Tau are sitting in my PO box on campus, just waiting to be picked up, so I’ll have them in my hands tomorrow. I also have another 50 Skaven to do, which thanks to a friend, are all assembled. I’ll be able to rock them out over the next two weeks, as well as finish a couple of projects for school. Expect continual Painting updates for the next couple of weeks!




  1. I promise that I will send you some pics once I get a game in.

  2. Excellent sir! They're all boxed up and ready to ship tomorrow!