Wednesday, August 1, 2012

8/1/12: Finished: Ogre Kingdoms Stonehorn

Hey guys,

So I sat down the last couple days and rallied out a local commission I picked up a couple days ago. I had a friend of mine pick up another friend of mine's Ogre Kingdoms army, and he's slowly been working through painting it. Seeing as the Stonehorn would end up being the centerpiece of the army, he commissioned me to paint it up and, I gotta say, its looking pretty sexy!


I opted for a cooler palette, sticking with a grey tone for the Stonehorn, while using a warmer tone with the reds on the Ogre to draw the eye.


Anyone know what sound a Stonehorn makes? Grrrr? Roar? Harumph?


The little patchy areas of skin on the Stonehorn itself is a nice breakup for the huge fur areas.


I went with a standard tank weathering technique for the metallics on the model by mixing the Light Rust and Light Earth weathering powders from Forge World with a little water, then painting it on. I dabbed off some of the orange with a scrap of paper towel, then hit the edges and high points with Mithril Silver to give it the effect of chips in the metal. Really easy and really quick to achieve. Perhaps a tutorial in the future…

Alrighty, thinking I’ll get the same client’s Hexwraiths done tonight and tomorrow just to get them outta the way. Then I have some Malifaux to blow through! Like I said as well, I’ve got some plans for more tutorials here in the near future, stay tuned!


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