Friday, January 10, 2014

1/13/13: Finished: Necrons On Ice, Wave Two

Hey folks!

Exactly a week later, and I have another wave of Necrons for all of you to ogle! You can see the first wave here! This has most definitely been a fun group of models, especially Illuminor Szeras carrying that damned dirty space elf head...sorry, my rage towards elves knows no bounds...Enough blather, pictures!

This wave was composed of 10 Immortals, Illuminor Szeras, Imotekh the Stormpimp, and Zandrekh.

The Stormlord! My client is using him generally as a generic Overlord with a Staff of Light. Really went to town on the cloaks and staves on these guys, they were a ton of fun!

My favorite model in the Necron range, Zandrekh here is being used as a Harbinger of Despair Cryptek with an Abyssal Staff. Don't mess with this fool!

Illuminor Szeras, what to say about him. I'm really pleased with how he turned out, but I think I just had such high expectations of him that he didn't turn out exactly how I wanted. Expect to see him cross the paint desk again! I opted for an orange on the staff and the back of the Eldar head to look like he'd just shot it and is collecting his prize. Client's using him as a Storm Cryptek with Voltaic Staff! Tank wrecker right here!

Hooray Immortals! These guys were a pain in the butt to assemble, but that was operator error more than anything. The stark ice blue really makes them pop, and I opted for just a touch of energy weapon blend on the bayonets to add some detail. They're not power weapons, after all!

Alrighty! That's all she wrote for wave two! Wave three is Tomb Blades, Doom Scythes, and a Triarch Stalker, all which should be a blast to paint up. Might even break out the airbrush for those Doom Scythes, but we'll see. Got some interesting projects coming up, from Genghis Con prep, to Tau and...wait...Starship Troopers?! I can't wait!

Stay tuned guys!



  1. Nice work - really enjoying this colour scheme

    1. Thanks man! The client wanted blue as the main color, so I figured a nice Ice blue and black would do the Necron Compliment/Contrast thing just splendidly!