Thursday, March 27, 2014

3/27/14: Finished: Molten Transcendent C'tan

Hey guys!

Told you I was back in the swing of things! This project arrived today, something I was planning to work on next week, but thanks to Colorado's wonderfully unpredictable weather, its been snowing all day, so I had to put the terrain on hold for the day. However, that meant I could start on this bad boy!

My client wanted him to appear molten, glowing white from the center out to red, like a flame (well a painted flame, at least). I started by priming him white. I then broke out three colors: Lamenters Yellow, Fuegan Orange, and Baal Red; thats right, all glazes or washes, and set to work. I started with the yellow over the entire model. Once that dried, I mixed in some Fuegan Orange, and began working out. 

Dat ass! I went for black at the tips after referencing heated metals; the edges were black, while the core remained a glowing white/yellow.

His apparatus was done in a similar effect, though painted in, rather than washed. I wanted it to look like that, even despite the Necron's restraints, that the molten heat of the star god was still heating their equipment. The eyes were highlighted, and a glow effect added, with white, as was the Necron symbol on the device! The base is just for pictures; it belongs to the Imperial Fire Wasp from my latest tutorial. This bad boy is going back to live within his Tesseract Vault where he belongs!

Always fun, I love painting C'tan. There's just so much you can do with them! The next one will be the polar opposite of this guy, you won't want to miss him. Alrighty, back to the grindstone!


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