Sunday, March 30, 2014

3/30/14: Finished: Armageddon Prime Good Games Terrain Set

Hey guys!

Its been a busy week! Wrapped up those Fire Wasps, the Transcendent C'tan, and I've been working on a TON of terrain for Good Games again! There's going to be another two tables and, I promise, you WON'T want to miss them!

This table was themed on Armageddon Prime, so lots of Ork glyphs and colors, with traces of Imperial vehicles. This was a very quick set, they needed it for today, actually, so the buildings and vehicles were painted quick, as was the board. Enough chatter, the pictures!

The table was done with Army Painter's Desert Yellow, while the rocks were sprayed grey and overbrushed white. Some touches of brown break up the yellow, just to add some variety.

And with the terrain! There are, as you can see, 4 buildings, 4 wrecked vehicles, and a set of Aegis Defense Lines. The lines were sprayed red and weathered to give them a pure orky look and to contrast hard from the table. 

The quad gun (its a little blurry, I know) was glued in to keep it a terrain piece and an objective! I removed the lower guns and replaced the barrels with the exhausts from an Ork Trukk. Some Ork glyphs, and BOOM! 

The buildings were primed with a textured black, then dusted with an orange spray. I let this spit a little too to add more texture and rust. Components were dusted grey and red to give it a rusted ork feel, and waterslides and freehand add character to each piece.

My favorite wrecked vehicle, beating up an Ork trukk was just too much fun! This one looks like it too one too many blast templates before rattling itself apart!

"Oh, that's friendly..." The glyphs were made from a sheet of plasticard; I sprayed it red, then drew in the glyph. I then cut, cleaned up, weathered, and glued it to the terrain. 

A destroyed Leman Russ, a forlorn sight, begins to crawl with Legion agents....

While Chosen man the Quad-Gun! Haven't shown you guys them yet, maybe I'll do another post tomorrow....

Alrighty! Today's a personal day, so I'm going to finish assembling my Knight Titan and try and work on my second squad of cultists. Easier said than done...

This month is going to be very busy, with 2 more tables of terrain, more Necrons, and hopefully a Knight Titan! I can dream big, can't I?


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