Sunday, September 30, 2012

9/30/12: Finished: 24 Kt Necron Wave

Hey guys!

So this was a crazy busy weekend. The Return to Ravnica prerelease on Saturday turned work into a madhouse; we had 25 people turn out for it. We ended up with an uneven number of people for FNM on Friday, so I got to play in that for the first time ever, which was kinda cool.

Before FNM, though, we had a little downtime, so I got pictures of Tom’s completed Bling Necrons! An interesting commission, it consisted of:
  • 3 Ghost Arks
  • 6 Tomb Blades
  • Command/Annihilation Barge
Completed Necrons

Ghost Ark

Tomb Blades #1

Tomb Blades #2

The biggest problem with the commission was figuring out how to get a nice, smooth gold without driving myself insane hand painting every Necron on the Ghost Arks. Enter Rustoleum Gold Spray. My roommate had a can, and I’d been thinking about getting can anyways, so I test sprayed it on a spare Warrior. It was perfect!

After that, it was just a case of spraying, washing, and drybrushing to get the bulk of the group done. A little red for flavor, and we have a prominent, stand-out army!

Also got a little work done on some my culists. Cant wait for the new Codex!

Beakie Cultist

Alrighty, this week Smells Like Wargaming is doing a little charity painting for one of our favorite clients, Magilla Gurilla. If you haven’t heard about his event, check out the link here! I personally think the Benevolence Ball is a great idea and does a lot of good for the community. I’ll also be taking part in Extra Life, so expect more information on that soon!


  1. Wow, those Necrons look bright! But I love the smoothness of the coat, great job. Love the cultist too!

  2. I have crylon gold Necrons too. Red is a good color and the blue GW sells make both red and blue pop on the gold.

  3. I'm glad you like them guys!

    @Darren: They're extremely bright! For what they are, I'm pretty happy with how the whole thing turned out! And I'm glad you like the cultist too, you gotta see the family photo of them!

    @madival: The gold just needs that secondary color to contrast with it. I'd thought of black, but a deep navy blue would work nicely too!