Wednesday, December 5, 2012

12/5/12: Finished: High Elf Mage and Sanctioned Psyker

Hey guys!

Been rolling through some minor projects the last day or two, one being a commission and the other just a piece I had on my desk. Let's break it down:

First up was a Sanctioned Psyker model. I have two blisters worth of the pewter ones from when I was building my Imperial Guard army, but kinda burnt out on them halfway through and, not needing more than 6, he ended up in my bits box. Fast forward three years (wow, has it been that long?) and I pinned him to a base and got him primed.

A WIP shot, the skin tone is key on this model to show the pallid, frail nature of the psykers. After two hours, he was finished!

It was a good piece to practice Green-Purple harmony, along with some NMM. I've got some big plans with the NMM soon, so expect something new coming soon!

On Sunday, I got a call from a regular client/one of my bosses at work asking for some help with painting. I headed down to the shop, gave him some tips, and ended up with a new commission. These elves will end up as a Christmas gift for his son, so he wanted some TLC shown to them. 

First up is a generic pewter Mage. Cool model, though the face isn't the greatest sculpt I've ever seen.
A little WIP shot to show how I went about the piece. You can see the WIP NMM on the crystal and the necklace, and how the base coats were done first. After about three hours, he turned from this:

To this:

Really happy with how he turned out overall. Lots of little details, and plenty of opportunity for detail work and free handing. Can you see a theme with the NMM too?

Also part of the commission, I'm not a big fan of this kit for some reason. The rock base is just strange, it makes the model look kinda awkward. Again, more NMM and a lot of white.

He should be done by Friday, makes me feel less bad for spending the money I got for the project!

Looking at some terrain next, along with some more Malifaux for Magilla! Stay tuned!



  1. Doesn't it? The ones in the rest of my Imperial Guard army are red. I just grabbed a color I thought would be fun and went with it!


  2. Same, I picked up the 3 man blister just to get one for my genestealer cult magus. Then decided to just paint the others up as additional wyrds for necromunda. Just thought green & tan would suit using devlan mud all over ;) The other got light blue because I magnetized a little lightning bolt to stick to his extended hand.

    p.s. The glowing eyes really help to overlook the under par face sculpt on that elf mage. Great job.