Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Finished: Refurbished Dark Angels Rhino “Gabriel”

Hey guys!

So I was approached with an interesting commission about a week ago. The client had recently gotten back into 40k with his brother, and was hoping to get an old Rhino he’d put together a long time ago back up to a fighting standard.

Here’s a picture of it before paint was stripped:


As you can see, some thick paint, lots of glue seams, and some off-kilter assembly. After a dip in some Simple Green and some scrubbing with the trusty Smells Like Toothbrush, I got her down to:


Kinda a meh picture next to my new Khorne Rhino, but you get the idea. Thanks to the primer coat of Bone, not all the paint was going to come off. Plus, in some areas, the coat had kinda cracked, almost like dried mud. You can also see, I added a brand new top hatch, as well as an armoured front, made up of an additional Rhino front plate, to fill some wonky gaps from prior assembly. I also popped the Techmarine’s arms off and replaced them, namely to add a Dark Angels Shoulderpad.

Finally, after a couple hours of work, here’s the final result:




Lots of freehand on this badboy! You can see some of the seams and replacement parts too. I, unfortunately, couldn’t fix everything, but the model looks so much better now!



Techmarine’s done in a nice, Bright red in order to keep the Rhino from going Dark Angels to Christmas Angels.

Alpha Legion harassing Dark Angels reinforcements on Vraks Prime.


All in all, I feel that this is another case that shows just how easy it is to take an older, poor condition model, and really bring it back to life. Sure, its not as clean or immaculate as a fresh Rhino, but it looks good, gets the job done, and, in this economy, helps save money, right?

Next up, more Dreadfleet and more Khadorian Winter Guard! Magilla’s GK should be in tomorrow or Thursday!



  1. Looks good...
    ...now if only that Warstore order would show up...

  2. I still need to check my mail again...lets hope the warp gets it here quicker, I wanna paint some GK!

  3. i wanted to tell you that you did a great job ans i'm happy the way you painted my DA Rhino