Thursday, August 26, 2010

Commission: Bad Moonz Orks! WAAAGH!!!

Hey everyone,

So after about two and a half weeks, the mobs of Greenskins are all ready to smash open the foes of the WAAAGH!!! I think for the amount of time it took that these turned out amazingly well! A bunch of the models have little tiny details, such as one of the Gretchin with “SHOOT ME” scribbled quickly on his back, and the Stikkbombs the Big Shoota is carrying has “BANG” and “BOOM” written across them! Anyways, enough with the words, lets get some pictures up!





I’ll also throw a Picasa link up on the site permanently so I can get all the pictures up and not have a ginormous post to boot.

Addressing some other pieces of information, the poll finally finished, and everyone wants a tutorial on how I do my armour chipping! I’ll have to find a Leman Russ or something to weather some more, but expect that tutorial up on Sunday. I’m also playing around with the idea of doing monthly specials on my Commissions, things like “Get one tank painted, get a second at half price” and things like that, so that’ll be the next poll, I hope to get some input from you all! Technically, I have ONE ork to finish (I swear they’re multiplying) so after I get him finished, I’ll be packing up the paints and get ready to move!


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