Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finished: Bad Moonz Orks, Part Trois; Khorne Berserkers

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay in posts. Not only has schoolwork and things come up, but I got a phone call yesterday saying my mom is in the hospital. She’s fine, had some emergency surgery, but she’s tough and doing just fine. Having my biggest inspiration and supporter of my art down though, I wasn’t really motivated to get any work done yesterday.

Anyways, back to happy models. First off, the Bad Moonz Commission that came in on Monday is finished! Just a quick break from assembling Obliterators and painting Khorne Berserkers, they were a blast to paint, as usual.





Also up is the first squad of Berserkers, minus the Skull Champion, which is waiting on a Powerfist to come in. This is probably my worst example ever of how the lighting affects my models. The bronze is actually nice and crisp in person, and the models look quite excellent all together.



I also got a NEW batch of magnets ordered today and shipped back home. Seeing as I’ll be back in Gunnison by this time next week, all my packages, commissions, etc., need to be shipped there so I can get right to work on them!

Lastly, I’m finishing up talks with Snake Eyes over at Table Top War to do some work on his Eagle Warriors army. So far, its looking like a little bit of the 10th Company in the form of 5 Scouts and a Land Speeder Storm, bolstered by Chaplain Cassius! Should be fun, so expect more info on that when they come in!

Thanks guys,



  1. Blood for the Blood God! :D

    Looks great, bro! Fists are in the mail!

  2. That Mek is fantastic; just posted a link to this through Twitter (@WithoutNumber), hope to see more like it soon!

  3. @Monster Rain: Glad you like them man! I'm gonna get the other Rhinos done tonight hopefully, assuming I can get around some art homework due tomorrow.

    @James: Thanks! The Client is gonna be sending more orks in the not-too-distant future, so expect more orks and even a STOMPA!!