Monday, February 24, 2014

2/24/14: Finished: Blood Angels Superfriends Group!

Hey guys!

Been a busy week of painting, work, and errands, getting ready for some really big commissions coming up very soon! I love going into Home Depot, I never know where the hell I'm going and DEFINITELY don't fit in...even better!

This was a quickie little commission; a client, fairly fresh to 40k, was looking to get his Blood Angels characters painted up to a centerpiece status. All he wanted was Corbulo, Mephiston, and a Captain on desert bases, chapter colors, and everything else was up to me. I love having free-reign, so I jumped right in! Here's the fruits of my efforts:

The group together! Lets break them down though, each piece has a lot of little details and extras on them!

Oh Mephiston, you pain in the ass you. I've fond memories of getting my IG's face stomped in by this guy. Never had a chance to paint him, so I knew I was going to have some fun! All metallics on this commission are NMM, just for some added fun. The most fun was the backbanner. Most pictures don't have him with it, but the Finecast mini comes with a backbanner backpack. I based this one off of Pg. 68 in the BA codex: Banner presented to Mephiston following his heroic exploits on the hive world of Hollonan.

A little freehand work on his cloak, and the back of the Banner, and Mephiston is ready to crush his enemies in his wake!

Brother Corbulo; this is not the first time I've painted him, but I can't seem to find any pictures of my previous job. Its been a couple years though, so it was nice to come back to this miniature. He's a badass in game, I don't see why anyone wouldn't run him!

I've been having fun with the drip effects lately! This one is, like my entry into Genghis Con, done using a strand of hotglue, strung from my desklamp, then cut into a drop. I then mixed a little red paint with gloss varnish, and applied it. Works a charm, and is easy to use! 

Now I'm going to just come out here and say it, I'm not a fan of the SM Commander model. He's so plain, and his pose sucks. That doesn't mean I won't do a stellar paintjob on him! This guy was magnetized, so the client can go back and add any other options in the future if he chooses. I prefer Power Sword/Plasma Pistol, personally.

Combi-Melta/Power Fist is good too, just don't get challenged...

Alrighty! Trying to decide if I want to paint some personal projects this evening, or try to get more work done on the Wraithknight. Dunno if I can stare at that much orange today we'll see! I'm working the better part of this week, so updates may be slow, but I'll be painting in the evenings, so keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter; I like to post really late at night!



  1. good job with the Mephiston miniature :) +1

  2. Outstanding job, sir! Much appreciated! I agree on the Captain but you did a great job with what GW gave us. :)

  3. Great work! As for the next project, I vote for finishing the Wraithknight...but I may be biased. 8-)

  4. Thanks so much guys! Brian S: The Wraithknight is coming very soon, be ready! :)