Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2/19/14: Genghis Con XXXV: 4 Entries, 4 Awards!

Hey folks!

So just a quick post today, I got back from Denver/Boulder yesterday, and just now have time to throw a blogpost up about how Genghis Con XXXV's painting competition went!

I entered four pieces and won four awards! I was honestly expecting 'Serenity' to do well, and the rest would be nice. So when my other three pieces showed up on the awards, I was ecstatic!  

My Alpha Legion Helbrute, 'Laernae' won a Second Place award in the Single Miniature Large category!

Arkos, his Familiar, and his Warp Talons won Third Place in the Unit category.

My late-night Baneblade, 'Dominator', won a third place in Vehicle.

And lastly, 'Serenity', won a third place in Single Miniature Small! I'll have a full post on him tomorrow, I just realized I never got that post out! 

I'm very happy with how Genghis Con went this year! Thanks to all my supporters, followers, friends, and family for supporting me through my endeavours and projects, I couldn't do it without all of you! Next year, I'll be ready to throw my hat into the Masterclass ring; with Masterclass, its either all or nothing, so its gonna be an all-year endeavour to get a piece ready for that! 

Now that I'm back in the studio, I'm rolling through projects again! Here's a sneak peek at High Chaplain Erebus!

Goal this week is to wrap up Erebus and the Wraithknight, then jump into Tyranids and some Starship Troopers pieces!



  1. Hi Granesh. Michael (Dark Brotherhood) from knightsftc here! Good to see you, if indirectly, at the con this weekend. Fabulous painting entries (thanks for handing me my ass, my entry was the Hellpit Maulerfiend). Whose painting night do you attend?

    Adding you guys to our blogroll!

    1. Howdy Michael, good to see you (indirectly) too! Your Hellpit Maulerfiend was tight, a fun model to check out! I actually don't attend any painting night, as I live in Durango, and out of the three of us who actually paint, I seem to be the only one who does it regularly. Will be moving up to the Denver area in a couple of months, so that answer should change soon :)