Tuesday, November 19, 2013

11/19/13: Finished: Khador Cavalry Force

Hey guys!

So I've got a couple of projects to show off the next couple of days, but this one is the more important of the two. I've done two commissions of Warmachine models; both Khador, and both alternate color schemes. Last time, they were Cygnarian blue and silver, rather than red and brass. This time, we've got military drab brown!

First up is the Drakhun on foot and mounted. The decals on the shoulderpad fit the Khador industrial theme, and come from the Baneblade transfer sheet. I opted for a power weapon effect on the glaive to add some detail. 

The one on foot is plastic, while the mounted one is ALL METAL. This is one HEAVY piece! Really happy with how it turned out overall. The Drakhun (and I forgot to take pictures) has a flame glowing in the vent on its back, but you'll have to see it in person in order to catch those!

The Uhlans in all their glory. The lances are incredibly fragile, even with pinning, but they should hold up nonetheless! I opted for red on the squad leader to show rank and break up the browns.

Kovnik Markov! A very fitting name for this chap; like the Uhlan sergeant, I opted for red accents to break up the brown and add detail.

Not a huge commission, but a good chunk of points for Khador and should look excellent on the tabletop! Hoping to do more Warmachine pieces in the future; I may not play, but the models are generally fun to work on, especially with the steampunk emphasis!

I've got another project to show off, but I'll post it tomorrow; those who follow the Facebook page and Twitter probably know what I've got up my sleeve! The commission queue is currently open, so now's the best time to get your models painted up and looking sexy! No more grey plastic and metal pieces, get your army looking good! Remember, let us paint your models. You've got games to win!


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