Saturday, April 5, 2014

4/5/14: Finished: Khorne Lord of Skulls

Hey folks!

Man, its been a busy week! Been working on the next set of terrain for Good Games, but I knew I needed another project to keep me occupied. Having just finished the Knight, I set my sights on another Superheavy I'd had sitting on my shelf unpainted for quite some time! Now, a lot of people don't like the model, but I'm rather fond of it; what's more daemonic engine than a Berserker Centaur tank that spits blood? That's what I thought!

Anyways, I broke out the airbrush, got him primed, and set to work!

The beast in all his glory! Unlike the Knight, this model has a LOT of trim. I started with the red and the glow effects, then started masking off said red to do the brass.

I opted for a dark, foreboding look to the piece. He is a Daemon Engine, after all!

The brass was sprayed gold, then washed with Agrax, Nuln Oil, Carroberg Crimson, and a touch of Druchii Violet. Once dry, I gently sponged both gold and chainmail to brighten it back up. Once dry, I gently dusted select areas with Nihlakh Oxide; after spraying it on the model, I ran my finger across it to settle it in the recesses, and give a patina look. This is an ancient terror, after all!

The blood tanks are all at different levels, and I tried to simulate depth and splashes in them as well. 

I opted to do the skulls all over the model as brass, rather than actual bone color. It sped things up, yes, but also adds to the eeriness of the model to actually blend them into the rest of the armor.

The dozerblade was done like the rest of the brass, and a glow effect was added at the vents for an added creepy level!

This guy's a beast in game, that's why I'd originally got him. Lots of flamer templates (and a torrent Flamestorm from the gut cannon), a D Chainaxe, and an AP2 skull cannon that forces rerolled armor saves! Buh-Bye Terminators! He also gains extra attacks for each Hull Point lost; if I recall correctly, a Lord of Skulls with 1 HP left has something like 12 D weapon attacks in Close Combat! Ouch!

I had a ton of fun with this model, but I'd rather see him go to a home that'd actually play him, so he'll be hitting the auction block, much like the Knight (Listing HERE). I've got other projects I want to paint next! Maybe a Forge World Great Unclean One....hmmmm...

Anyways, back to terrain! Should hopefully be done next week, but its going to be one hell of an April, so stay tuned!


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