Saturday, April 7, 2012

4/7/12: Finished: Orange Crush Chaos Marines and Biel-Tan Eldar…FINALLY!!

Hey guys!

So I’m finally done with this commission! I’ve never had a commission give me so much trouble to get through, but I sat down yesterday and got it all finished. As an artist, I’m not totally happy with how everything turned out, but its done and the client’s happy, which is all that matters!








WHEW! So glad these are done! I sat down yesterday too and got some personal pieces either finished or started.



Sorry for the crappy lighting, I’m still getting the apartment figured out. Anyways, that’s Bloodletter #3 for my Chaos Marines, and Rhino #2 for the Alpha Legion. The bloodletter was half done anyways, so it was just a matter of doing his sword.

The Rhino, on the other hand, was a test to see how the teal color turned out without Midnight Blue (my base color for Alpha Legion). A 1:1 mix of Necron Abyss and Chaos Bla….oh wait, Kantor Blue and Abaddon Black, worked perfectly. A little Scorpion Green mixed in, and it worked spendidly!

Alrighty, down to the shop to learn a little Game of Thrones for my new job (I work at the FLGS now!!), I have some lists I want to run by you guys…we’ll do that tomorrow!


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  1. Great stuff as always man!

    BTW, I like to invite you to our new website... It needs good miniature painters like you man. It's as easy as facebook, just register and dump photos to your albums. Promote your blog and shout out blog updates. :)

    Here is the link bro -