Friday, July 6, 2012

7/6/12: Painting: Durango Game Space/Diceworks Terrain Project

Hey guys,

Late night blog post! It’ll be a quick one, I have a Malifaux Crew to show off tomorrow. Anyways, I figured I’d share the pictures I’ve gotten of the terrain I’ve gotten done for Durango Diceworks over the last couple of weeks.


Craters  Group

I got the 5th in each group finished today, but you can see I’ve been playing around with the GW Water Effects courtesy of my boss at work. The Effects really add some needed detail to the craters, which take maybe 10 minutes to paint, and even most of that is drying time.

WHFB Random Woods Idea

I don’t have a finished shot of the Citadel Woods (For the love of the God-Emperor, leave the fronds off…), but I had an idea for the base. The 6 WHFB Mysterious Woods Phenomenon are written in the spots the trees would go. Roll a 4? Remove tree #2 and you’ll see what a 4 corresponds to. Just an idea, its not super practical but good for remembering rather than painting 5 different wood sets.

Flat Piece WIP

My boss had picked up the Citadel Battleboard add-on to make our Battleboard work as either an 8’x4’ or two 4’x4’, so I sat down and rocked through that last Saturday. The previous boards were painted using the Citadel Terrain Painting set, so painting this guy is really easy. The rocks are a little bit lighter than the rest, but you can hardly tell.

Temple of Skulls WIP

I know I’ve posted this guy already. Got called into work on a Monday and ended up getting this guy started and finished in a 10 hr period. Pretty good methinks! I ended up varnishing the marble for a sheen effect, and there’s now a pool of blood in the chunk removed on the flat platform.

I don’t have pictures right now, but I’ve gotten nearly 2 sets of Citadel Fences painted and nearly 6 feet of Aegis Defense Lines done as well. There’s a Bastion that needs to get some details, and I know there’s a bunch of WHFB buildings that need some pieces fixed and a good coat of paint.

Finally, some shots of our Combat Patrol event setup a couple Sundays ago with my terrain.

Combat Patrol Practice

Terrain For Combat Patrol

I still have a lot of pieces to paint, but I’m slowly getting through it all. My goal is to have Durango Game Space and Durango Diceworks have some of the nicest, most professional-looking terrain in the Four Corners area, if not Colorado.

Our next goal is going to be some real handmade, personalized terrain ala Old School White Dwarf, so stay tuned in the near future for some more creative pieces to pop up! I’ve got some ideas!


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