Monday, February 14, 2011

Painting: Tomb Kings, Vraksian Legionaires, and Nob Bikers….OH MY!

Hey everyone,

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I’ve got a bunch of stuff to show off and present this time.


First off, Games Workshop has finally revealed that Tomb Kings are the next WFB army coming down the pipeline in May! While I’m not a Fantasy player, I love anything Egyptian-esque, so I’ll definitely be painting some of the new models. I’d love some new Ushabti, as well as a plastic Bone Giant (rumored), which I’m fairly sure is the new teaser picture. I’d check out pictures of the recent “Rise of the Tomb Kings” expansion for Warhammer Online to get a feel for the new stuff! Expect some fun painting projects using them by Summertime!

Next up is a fun project I’m working on. I’m still undecided on my next army. I know, I flipflop. Leave me alone. I’ve been inspired to pull out the Chaos Marines I’ve had lying around and at least get the battleforce finished so far. I’ve also decided that I’m basing the army around the Traitor Marines that appeared on Vraks. For those of you who have the book, read up on the section right before, as well as the section, with the Dark Angels.


I’ll be doing some more weathering and stuff on it, but here’s the Alpha Legion’s Rhino. I’m doing the Standard Marines, as well as my Havocs, in Alpha Legion colors. I have plans for Lords of Decay plague Marines, Word Bearer Sorcerors, and Khorne Berserkers. DSCF0671

I’m nearly finished with the Nob Biker commission. I got the finishing touches on the Bikers, but need to do a little stethoscope on the Orderly.



He also wanted the Warboss’ Bike done in a reverse Bad Moons Scheme. I did a little more FW style with a rust tone, some checks, and some standard ork Graffiti.



Finally, just a sneak-peek at tomorrow’s Tutorial Tuesday….


See you all tomorrow!



  1. Good stuff! That hydra insignia looks great!

  2. Thanks SonsofTaurus! I'm still debating on whether or not to do the same insignia on the top hatch, or to do the Alpha Legion "A" on the top...decisions decisions...