Monday, April 23, 2012

4/23/12: Even with Finals Week, Who Says SLW Isn’t Painting?!

Hey guys!

First off, sorry for the week of no posts. Finals Week is upon us, meaning it’s a little hard to paint and get some posts done. I also started my job at Durango Game Space last week. In two days, I’ve learned a ton about Magic the Gathering. I may have to start playing it more regularly. I did get to play two games of 40k while working though, which I never thought I’d be able to do!

Despite all this, it doesn’t mean, however, that I haven’t been painting and hobbying! Lets jump right in!

First off, 1 full Tactical Squad of Imperial Fists is done, along with 2 more Marines. The 2nd Sergeant is almost done, I need to paint his back banner.


So far, the Captain, 1 Tac Squad, and a Drop Pod are done. With finals really being done for me tomorrow, I’m hoping to have the 2nd Pod, 2 Dreads, and the Speeders done shortly!

Next up is Orks. I can’t resist their siren song, they’re just so much fun! I figure I’ll run them a little bit, so I broke down a Loota Mek and scratchbuilt a Big Mek. We’ll affectionately call him Buzznutz!


I also grabbed the Trukk and played with it a little bit.


Totally going with Evil Sunz, I can’t resist red! Scheme is based off of the Kastorel-Novem art. I also wanted to do something silly on the inside.


“Dere! No more askin’ werz da WAAAGH at!”

Lastly, I sat down yesterday and rallied out the Empire Witch Hunter that’d been sitting on my desk for 2 weeks. As part of my challenge between SLW and Lost in Painting, I can rub it in my friend’s face that “MEH! I PAINTED MINE FIRST!!!”


I kept the standard Red and White Empire Scheme, but darkened the piece and made him look more sinister. No Macaws in the Empire, Thank you!


The extra pistol was added to the Greatsword so that any option could be counted too. Really happy with how he turned out! He’s listed on eBay HERE!

Alrighty, a little more studying and a lot more painting!



  1. Calling me out on the blog like this really! Fair play dude your guy is excellent but mine is now white and ready to go to painting school!

  2. Rofl thanks RT, I know yours is gonna blow mine outta the water, I can't wait to see what you do with him!