Wednesday, June 17, 2015

6/17/15: Showcase: Dark Eldar Grotesques Commission

Howdy folks!

Super late night post! Our latest commission was a very interesting one; 16 grotesques converted from Island of Blood Rat Ogres! Client wanted a very standard scheme with red rather than the blue green you normally see, resin bases done to look like toxic sludge, and some extra detail on the sergeants.

There's lots of little details in this army, from warpstone chunks and infected skin, to blood and sinew effects and even tattoos! The Sergeants also have trophies from the client's most common opponents; orks, tau, and space wolves.

Glad to have them finished! Next up is a couple Blood Bowl teams and some Drop Pods! Also, I keep forgetting to post up pictures of my current personal army, so expect shots of that soon!


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