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Myself in front of the Sphinx, May 2013.

Oh really? You're interested in yours truly? Aw, you're too kind! Well then, pull up a chair, this is going to be a long story. You see, I was born in a log cabin not twenty miles from...I'm kidding....lets do this, shall we?

Thank you all for finding Smells Like Wargaming! My name is Branden, and this is my little corner of the internet to show off some sexy paintjobs and share my love of art with all of you! Let's get to know me a little better, shall we?

About Me

I'm 22 years old, I'm pretty goofy, and I'm doing what I love already! In May 2013, I graduated Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO, with a Bachelor's in Art and a minor in History. I currently hold two jobs; one is chief painter/cleaner/PR for this lovely little business here, and I'm also a manager for our FLGS, Durango Game Space. I began working the shop just over a year ago, and can safely say I've learned a lot about myself, others, and the trade of working in a hobby shop. 

When I'm not painting your models or my models, you can usually find me casually playing 40k or Fantasy, drawing, golfing, or playing video games (I've got a working Sega Genesis, so you'll find me playing any of the Sonic the Hedgehog games!). My overall goal with my freelance work is to get a job working for one of the major miniatures companies (GW, Privateer Press, Wyrd, etc.) painting their models and designing their tables. Not too lofty ambitions....right?

What's Next?

Over the last three years, Smells Like Wargaming has become my baby, and has greatly become a major part of my life. People don't understand how difficult freelance work can be, and how to balance it with your personal life. Hell, I'm still struggling with it! But I'm doing what I love, and love what I'm doing. What could be better than that? I still have many grand ambitions I'd love to meet with Smells Like Wargaming. I can safely say patience is not my strong point, but when it comes to something I'm this passionate about, I can wait just a little longer to reach these goals. I hope you all keep an eye on the blog here, because those goals will continue to grow. Future goals include:
  • Display Boards
  • Advanced Sculpting Work
  • Better and more in-depth tutorials
  • An actual studio, rather than a single desk in my bedroom!

So please enjoy my art. Even if you don't commission me to work on your models, I at least hope you leave with the inspiration to paint them yourselves. Art is a part of life, so enjoy it to the fullest!

Branden 'Granesh' Jacobson
Smells Like Wargaming

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