Monday, June 20, 2011

Finished: Grey Knights/ Salamanders Commission

Hey guys,
So just a quick post tonight. My usual blogging program is on the fritz right now, so I'm doing this via Blogger's Posting system...ugh...I'll address my problems after the pictures!

Anyways, I finished the Weapon Swaps and painting of the two arms that the client wanted done. I think they turned out rather well, concerning the simplicity of the process.

The last picture shows just how well the arm goes with the Purifier!

And finally, some group shots:



My order from Neil at The War Store should be in tomorrow, so I should be able to start work on my Alpha Legion/Khorne Berserker Bikers, as well as get the decals applied to the Imperial Fists! Speaking of Fists, I'm working on an AoBR Dreadnought to add to the grouping. If anyone's interested, they'll be going up on eBay in a little bit, but if someone's interested in them beforehand, I'll cut them a deal :)

Turns out my blogger program is working now...figures...if I have anymore problems, I'll come to you, the faithful readers, first!


edit: Ooops, forgot a full shot of the Librarian Force Halberd! And yes, that's the Dreadnought in the background...

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