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8/5/13: Finished: Canis' Thunderwolf Bonanza!; Shots from the Catering Commission!

Hey guys!

So its been a slow two weeks here on the blog, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy rocking out some sexy paintjobs! I've been really busy at the shop I manage, and with completing a commission for my parents two weeks ago, I've been nothing but non-stop! Lets jump into the big boy though: Space Wolves!

This was an interesting commission; lots of Thunderwolves, some Forge World, and really just took some much needed focus to roll through. It consisted of:

  • Canis Wolfborn
  • 15 Thunderwolf Cavalry
  • 10 Grey Hunters
  • Drop Pod
  • Forge World Land Raider Spartan
Enough talk, pictures!

Gotta say, not a fan of GW's plastic Thunderwolves for the sole reason of how the heads go together. Sure the teeth are sculpted and there's a tongue, but the mold lines and areas where the pieces go together.

The waterslide transfers really brought the models together, and the Grey Hunters are no exception here. You can also see the Drop Pod behind them.

The Spartan was an interesting model to do. All resin, not a single plastic piece, and its incredibly heavy for what it is. The sponsons are a pain, and only slightly rotate. Its a great centerpiece for the force though! Still had a ton of fun doing the freehand wolf on the side of it!

The Drop Pod ended up being the most fun and the most frustrating model overall. I have a strong love-hate relationship with Drop Pods; sure they're great in game and look great painted up, but the fact they never seem to go together right just drives me crazy! Plus with the Wolves, I wanted to opt to yellow, which is always fun over large areas. I broke up the large expanses of Grey and Yellow by using weathering techniques. The Pod was layered up with Forge World's Black Soot powder, and lightly colored with their Dark Earth powder after the Pod was varnished. After the final varnish coat was added, I went over the edges with a graphite stick in order to keep the metallic chipping sheen I wanted on the Drop Pod.

Grey Hunters wading into the ever-growing ranks of Chaos.

Chaos Space Marines face down the full might of the Thunderwolf Cavalry.


Lastly, I'd mentioned I'd been doing a commission for my family. Ever since I was a teen, my family has owned a very successful restaurant about four hours from where I currently live. I used to work in the kitchen, and have done almost every job imaginable for them when I was younger. Now, I finally got to put my artistic abilities to work for them. A wedding catering had requested a Steampunk-themed centerpiece for their food, and my parents requested my services to build it. I happily obliged! Theres only a couple pictures here; if there's interest in more shots, I'll throw them up!

I opted for a scientific-style wacky contraption for the piece. Lots of PVC, tanks, the steam hatches are old Tea Kettles from the restaurant, the gauge is from an old beer tap, and there's various pieces from old clocks, lamps, and other assorted gizmos. The steam effect is simply dry-ice; I had one of the guys working the catering add a piece of dry ice to water in the kettles every half-hour. It worked the charm!

The contraption was made to look like it disappeared under the table, allowing for the piece to be set up however needed and still appear cohesive and easy to move. The second piece was more PVC, a garden hose nozzle, and a helium tank. The light is from an old floor lamp; we bent the metal rod to the shape of the tank and affixed it. The lightbulb was my girlfriend's idea; I was looking for a colored bulb, and she instead found a stained glass bulb. Voila! Perfect!

The catering was a success, and the bride and groom loved their centerpiece. In fact, they requested they could keep it after the wedding! Huzzah!

Alrighty, so with the Wolves done, there's some projects on the table now. I've got a mounted High Elf group to get through, followed by a little Forge World and some 40k terrain. My personal paint desk is getting interesting too: a new Blood Bowl team, a new 40k army, and my Chaos Marines to finish. This week is going to be a little slow on the painting front, as my little brother is getting married this weekend, but fear not loyal readers! More projects are coming soon!


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