Monday, July 23, 2012

7/23/12: Painting: Better Pictures of my Chaos Marines!

Hey guys,

So I'm at work today, running the FLGS, and with a little downtime, I figured it would be a good time to get some better pictures of my various Alpha Legion Chaos Marine pieces. I've gotten a ton of different pictures of them since I started, but none on the new bases or with their magnets. Plus, I sat down and revisited an old Rhino I had lying around, so its a perfect time to show them off!

First off is my first Alpha Legionnaire Squad. Yes, they've counted as Plague Marines before, but for the most part, they stay a CSM Squad with Combi-Melta/Power Fist, 2 Meltas, and an Icon. I may swap the Meltas out for Plasma with the new meta, but we'll see.

Back in December, I got a wild hair to redo one of my favorite units in the CSM book: Abaddon the Despoiler. Yes he can kill himself and yes, on a roll of a 1, he becomes a rubber chicken. But I just can't argue with the potential for 11 S8 ap3 hits on the charge. The base of the model is the Terminator Lord, the claw, Drach'nyn and the head are from the Finecast Abaddon model, and the topknot comes from an Ork Boy. The only thing I've had him stopped by was Dark Eldar Incubi, but then again high initiative messes up most HQ choices!

A project I completed last year, he's the Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Sorcerer with a Khorne Berzerker holstered pistol to make him WYSIWYG. While the Chaos Sorcerer isn't great when compared to a Lord or a Prince, he's still fun to throw around every once in a while.

My favorite HQ out of the book, I normally run this beast with Wings and Mark of Nurgle. With the new Psychic Powers, I'll purchase Doombolt and replace it with a Pyromancy spell (Fiery Form!). Winged Monstrous Creatures got better with the new rules, and I expect to run at least one Prince in all Chaos Marine armies, if not two.

Originally my Summoned Lesser Daemons, they'll be allied as real Bloodletters now. They're just too good now to be run as regular Summoned Lesser Daemons, and with Icons working for battle-brothers, I'll be sticking with allies.

And lastly, my Khorne Berserkers! I have 5 more to paint up, so I'm a little behind on the squad, but they'll be finished soon. I opted for Warriors of Chaos heads as opposed to the bunny rabbit World Eaters heads, and I went with the 3 Plasma Pistols in the squad way ahead of 6th Edition rumors, so I'm pretty happy I went with my gut. The knock Furious Charge took hurts these guys, but I'll still be running them on a consistent basis; if anything else, they're good ablative wounds for Abaddon!

Well that's all the pictures I've gotten so far. I need to get some better shots of my Bikers, and I need to finish the entire army! I'd love to not have to worry about older pieces so I can pick up some of the cool, new kits and just go to town on them!

Alrighty, Imperial Fists and Malifaux tomorrow! Maybe I'll get more terrain pictures tonight...hmmm....


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